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The following is the --NTH-- installment of the tale which began with Takeoff, and continued with Shopping Trip Parts I. through IV  and The Test Flight.  All prior installments should be read before this page, as that may help to render the following events marginally less obscure.

This installment was also very kindly provided to us by Professor Johann Schnarchhund of Miskatonic University.  Johann again assures us that this first person account, narrated by Isis Resillechat, is very much as it was received by his daughter, Taurina.  For additional information please see the Iemy Papers.

Previous Installment: What's in the Box?

Star Date 67.1

Hello and goodbye, Taurina!

This will probably be the last time we can talk for a long time to come.

I'm on the bridge right now.  I've got a few minutes free before I have to do anything, and I wanted to talk to you once more before we leave, just to bring you up to date and say Au Revoir.

This past week has been busy, but also kind of dull.  After we got the lithium deuteride, we made a test flight out to Jupiter.  That was very cool!  But it was over all too soon; Skritch wanted to test out the weapons, so we spent the rest of the week cruising around the solar system blowing up asteroids.  The Captain wanted the crew on the bridge for the tests, so I got to sit there and watch while Mom found a lump of rock and brought the ship somewhere near it, and then Skritch reduced it to molecules one way or another.  I feel like I've seen enough fireworks for ... well, for a good long while, that's for sure.

Mom spent a lot of time closeted with Sniggles, also, and they've got the route planned out.  We'll be starting, not straight for the Cat's Eye, but straight for the north galactic pole.  We need to get above the disk of the galaxy before we can go full speed; there's too much junk in the way otherwise.  So we'll be spending a lot of time going "up", a relatively small amount of time skimming above the disk, and another big chunk of time coming "down".  I'm still not sure how long it'll take, and Dad said none of us, not even Sniggles, knows what year it'll be when we arrive.

I don't think the Gridley radio will work while we're traveling at high speed, and I'm sure we'll be out of range when we get there, so this may be the last you hear from me for a year or more.

Mom's about to hit the Activate button.  So, until we're back in range, goodbye!

If Isis someday succeeds in getting back in touch,
the narrative may continue in The Iemy Papers Volume II.


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